Monday, August 30, 2010

0 for 3

So nothing on my August list has been done! Canning 'maters was out, the little man and I had a cold for most of the week and used the weekend to recover... ditto for Pepper Jelly! Don't get me started on the scrapbook stuff.

What I *did* actually get around to doing was making myself a new keychain. I like to quickly find mine amongst the melee of the other housekeys and "stuff", and it's easier to find in the key basket at the gym! My old one had gotten quite grotty, so I whipped out a new one last week. Not too shabby, and I think I might make some for Christmas gifts this year... (shh!)

The paper is from a K and Company Amy Butler scrapbook pad I bought a few years ago... in fact, the prior keychain used the same paper, I just didn't seal it as well as I should have. Unsealed, well-used Mod Podge gets a little icky after too long! The paper is decoupaged onto a little block of wood approx 1in by 2in by 1/4 in thick. Sides are left natural, but the whole thing was sealed with polyurethane. My trusty Dremel drilled a little hole in the top, and the whole thing is attached with a knotted piece of sturdy, shoelace-like string. Done and done!

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  1. I like it! I'm slightly obsessed with monograms-very cute :) I heard about the blog at our Bee meeting (I'm in Bethany's) I'm excited about the new blog!