Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello, from Geek #2

Hi, I'm Caryn. I live across the street from my good friend and fellow crafter, Bethany! I'm a working mom who stays sane through crafting. Whereas Bethany is the undisputed Queen of All Things Fabric, I'm more of a paper kind of chick. My passions are decoupaging, gardening, canning, scrapbooking, a little beading / jewelry-making, and all of the stuff that fits into the category of "general crafts" if you go to the Michael's website!
I have an insanely funny and artistic 6-year old boy, who LOVES to go to Michael's with Mommy! He's also my best baking buddy (oh yeah, I also bake), and you'll probably see him featured in many of my posts.

So, for your reading pleasure, here's what I have queued up for what's left of August... stay tuned!
  1. Canning 'maters with Bethany and her friend, Amanda
  2. Canning some pepper jelly for this year's Christmas gifts (shh!) and making very fun labels for the jar lids, using my new 2.5 inch circle punch!
  3. maaaaaybe getting around to working on Christmas gift-related scrapbooking projects that are, let's face it, going to actually get done the week before Christmas!
Hope you enjoy reading. Ta!

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