Friday, August 6, 2010

Welcome to our new blog!!!

Bethany in front of some of her art journal quilts.
Hi fellow blog readers!  My name is Bethany Smith and I am a Crafty Geek, or a Geek Crafter, or crafter of geek stuff, or however you want to see it - these two ideas do not need to mutually exclusive.  I come by my geekery and crafting honestly - I blame my parents. My mother crafted with the best of them, so I learned to sew, paint, sculpt, and glue at an early age. My father had us listen to "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (BBC Radio Version)" on the way to 4th grade every day - I had no choice. So the fact that I turned into a Crafty Geek is no surprise to anyone.  My top crafts usually surround fabric, have I mentioned I love fabric, whether it is quilting, making a bag or a costume I love creating with all different types of fabric. I also enjoy scrapbooking and paper arts (although I am woefully behind) and I try to pick up new things along the way. I have a huge appreciation for the craft blogs that I read and the tips, tools and inspirations that they have given me, so this is my way of giving back.  I have invited my dear friend and fellow craft geek, Caryn, to join me on this blog, so hopefully you will get a well rounded Crafty Geek Experience. Here is to a new adventure!

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