Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dog Bed from One Yard Wonders

I received the One-Yard Wonders Book for Christmas this year. I love the project ideas, but feel that the instructions are somewhat lacking. Luckily, Pink Chalk Fabrics is conducting a sew-along and provides not only extra help, but much needed photography of the process.

I decided to go ahead and tackle the dog bed, because 1) well I have a dog that needs a bed and 2) I have this great fabric from IKEA that I've been dying to make something with - see WIN-WIN (or should I say #winning!)

I decided to vary the pattern a bit by adding a zipper and I added the optional cording/welting. I love the way the cording looks, but that was one of the hardest and must frustrating things I have sewed in awhile. I decided to buy commercial cording/welting, but adding it was more difficult than I had thought. I ripped a lot of seams.....

When you add the cording, make sure you clip the corners appropriately.
This was one of the first zippers I have every sewn, and it worked out OK.
Overall, I'm happy with how the dog bed turned out. I also sprayed a shoe waterproofing silcone based compound to help protect the fabric.

I think the only thing I would change now is the fact that white fabric +  dark brown dog hair =always dirty looking!