Sunday, March 3, 2013

Knitted Cowl

I really started getting into knitting the past year. I found it to be so transportable and easy to do while watching TV. (I love projects that let me watch TV because then I don't feel bad about watching TV :) I've done a few projects and hope to blog about them soon, but the simplest and easiest is this "Knit Cowl of the Chunky Variety."

I discovered this pattern through Pinterest (see my knitting Pinterest Board) and found it to be very a great knitting in the round project. I decided to also join Ravelry to not only help keep up with projects, but find new projects based on the yarn I have. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky in Eggplant. I takes about 70% of a skein.  I made one cowl and gave it to my friend and made this one with about 30% of what was left and then purchased another skein. I did experiment with what it looked like with just the yarn I had left - bound it off and everything and it really does need that extra yarn. Unfortunately, if you look at it too closely you can see the line where I bound it and then unbound it. The stitches got a bit warped. But when it is on, you can't really tell and that is all that really matters.
My favorite thing about this pattern is that I can stop at anytime and know exactly where I left up, there is no real pattern to keep up with, so I could knit in the carpool line, at lunch, at book club and never really have to concentrate. I highly recommend this for beginner knitters as well.

I started to make matching boot cuffs to match, but my circular needles broke. After attempting to fix with electrical tape (which so did not work) I am now contemplating purchasing circular needles. It is a pretty hefty investment, but I think I'm ready. Have any brands you recommend?


  1. Surprise! So shocked to see you blogging again. I love my Denise interchangeable needles. I'm just missing a few pieces due to unfinished projects.

  2. I totally caught the blogging bug again! I just hope I can keep it going :)

    Good to know about the Denise - I was also looking at the HiyaHiya set as well.