Thursday, January 13, 2011

Canning for the Holidays!

So a few years ago, I got into canning. It started with my mother in law's pickles (mmmmm) and just went from there. At some point, I got the brilliant idea that, if I canned throughout the year when I had the time, I'd be all done by the time Christmas rolled around and wouldn't have to bother with baking or anything.. I'd just give away canned goods as gifts.

Not so much.. now I can AND bake, because certain people have made it very clear that they look forward to different cookies that I make (and it's not just one thing, everyone likes something different), and that discontinuing my baking is not an option!

So anyhoo, I do still like to can, so some lucky ducks get a little of everything! And since they're gifts, they have to look nice, right? I have seen some beautiful canning labels out there, and I took some inspiration from a few and came up with my own.

First, I printed off the name of the product and cut into strips:

I also cut out some 2 inch wide strips of scrapbook paper in various coordinating patterns:

I took the 2 inch wide strips of scrapbook paper, and laid them side by side. I then glued the back of the white paper, and overlapped each of the patterned strips to hold the whole thing together:

... then I used my 2.5 inch circle punch to punch the whole shebang into a nice neat circle:

Finally, just lay it on top of the sealed lid, and place the screw-on lid over top of that.. voila!


  1. I would love to discuss this with you next time we see each attempt at apple butter was hand-cramping! All that peeling and stirring and cooking...and I got 1.5 jars out of all that work, lol!

  2. I so needed this post around Christmas as I actually canned for the first time. I made peach and plum jelly. I so would have LOVED to do something cute like this for the label!!! I will be studying this post to try my hand at it the next canning go around!!