Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who's it from?

Since I started doing gift tags this way for Christmas last year, nobody asks that! To me, wrapping a gift is almost as much fun as picking it out, and I feel like it's another way to show the recipient that alot of thought went into preparing their gift.
Last year, I had the idea to just use pictures in lieu of traditional gift tags. It was alot of fun finding good pictures to use, and we had nearly as much fun trying to guess when the photos were taken as we did opening the gifts!
My littlest niece, Virginia, is about to turn 3 in the next few weeks. She dotes on James and they had soooo much fun together at the beach this year, so I had quite a few good shots to choose from! These were my favorite. I combined them with some fun scrapbook paper I picked up on the Target dollar aisle (a FAVORITE craft supply stop!) for a super-fun, kid-friendly gift tag!

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